Interregional Association of the Economic Cooperation of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation “Siberian Accord” (IASA)

was founded on October 2, 1990. The legal basis for the IASA activity is formed by:

— Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic dated March 4, 1991 №765-I "On the interregional association of the krays, oblasts and autonomous okrugs of Siberia "Siberian Accord"

— Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated December 17, 1999 №211-FZ "On the general principles of organizing and working of interregional associations of the economic cooperation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation"

Objectives of IASA are achieving sustainable development of the economies of the Siberian regions in the market economy and creating basis for the rise of the standard of living

IASA comprises 15 Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation.

The supreme body of “Siberian Accord” is the Council of the association. It consists of the heads of the republics' governments, krays’, oblasts’ and autonomous okrugs’ administrations and the chairpersons of the legislative bodies. The members of the Council elect the Chairman for a one-year term. The everyday functioning of IASA is carried out by the Executive Committee.

The activity of the association aims at sustainable development of industry, building sector, transport, agricultural mechanical engineering, power engineering, housing and communal services. The Council of the association concentrates its attention on the issues of investment policy; support of small and medium businesses; local governing; guaranteeing energetic, food and ecological security of Siberia; securing the health of its multinational population; developing the common social, cultural and educational space.

The programs in the abovementioned areas designed by IASA are included in the plans of the social economic development of the regions.

IASA constantly cooperates with the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Federal Government, ministries and agencies.

In its activity IASA effectively interacts with the personnel of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District.

Objectives of the IASA activity

— Securing necessary conditions for effective cooperation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the areas of the social economic development on the basis of integration of physical, financial and intellectual resources;

— Stabilization of the economic situation and social protection of people; improvement of companies’ and organizations’ management in the market economy;

— Forming necessary conditions for creating common economic, legal, industrial and information space on the territories of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation – the IASA members

(Abstract from the Charter of IASA)

Priorities of IASA are shown through the activity of the following coordinating councils:

— Coordinating Council on Economic Policy, Finances and Investments

— Coordinating Council on Industrial, Scientific and Technical Policy

— Coordinating Council on Energy of Siberia, Power Savings and Efficiency

— Coordinating Council on Agricultural Policy and Provisions of Siberia

— Coordinating Council on Transport

— Coordinating Council on Architecture and Construction

— Coordinating Council on Housing and Communal Services

— Coordinating Council on Forestry and Timber Industry

— Coordinating Council on Information Resources, Technologies and Communication

— Coordinating Council on International Relations

— Coordinating Council on Support of Entrepreneurship in Siberia

— Coordinating Council on Higher School

— Coordinating Council on Education

— Coordinating Council on Culture

— Coordinating Council on Tourism

— Coordinating Council on Local Government

— Coordinating Council on Labour Market and Employment

— Coordinating Council on Commodity Market

— Coordinating Council on Commerce and Consumer Market

— Coordinating Council of Health

— Coordinating Council on Physical Culture and Sports

Regions of IASA:

Resp_Altay.pngResp_Buryatiya.png Resp_Tuva.pngHakasiya.png Altay_kray.png
Republic of Altai Republic of Buryatia Republic of Tyva Republic of KhakasiaAltai Kray
Zabaikalsy KrayKrasnoyarsk Kray Irkutsk OblastKemerovo Oblast Novosibirsk Oblast
Omsk_oblast.png Tomsk_oblast.pngTyumen_oblast.pngHantu-mans_AO.pngYamalo-neneck_AO.png
Omsk OblastTomsk Oblast Tyumen Oblast Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous
Okrug – Yugra
Autonomous Okrug


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